Woodside High School Athletic Booster Organization

The primary role of the Woodside High School Athletics Booster Organization (ABO) is to provide financial resources to help Woodside High School meet the financial demands of offering a comprehensive and high-quality sports program. We are an IRS 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, incorporated in 2009.


The district provides funding for facilities, coaches, referees, transportation (some), but in fact little money is available for basic sports supplies such as balls, nets, uniforms,etc. Major purchases are typically not covered, so the ABO helps fund items such as new wrestling mats, pitching machines, resurfacing equipment and "high-tech dirt" for ball fields, video recording equipment, goals/nets, Helmets/Pads, and other capital equipment that can dramatically improve the quality of the Athletic program.


Participants in the ABO are parents, guardians, alumni, and community members. In the in 2015-16 school year, the ABO provided more than $60,000 dollars to Woodside High School athletic programs for uniforms, equipment, scholarships, and awards . Click here for Funding Reports.




The ABO uses several avenues to generate funding for athletics, however donations are by far the largest source. Starting with the 2016-17 School year we ABO adopted a new process whereby a player's parents and other donors are asked to contribute in two primary ways: Sport-Directed Donations, and ABO-Unrestricted for the general benefit of the athletics programs at Woodside.


(1) Sport-Directed: Coaches provide detailed summaries of the items and amount of support they are requesting, and the resultant amount needed per athlete. This information is presented to parents and discussed at the team meetings at the start of the season. All by-sport directed donations flow directly to the Athletic Department and credited to the specific sport's account.


(2) The ABO also requests an Unrestricted Donation as part of the contribution for the given sport and season. These donations are critical too, as they provide the ABO with funds we can allocate to sports (and players) that may be underfunded, to ensure a great experience for all student athletes.


The key common theme is, donors clearly understand where their funds go. Further, the ABO board is committed to openness and transparency on the prioritization and allocation process for non-directed funds. We will provide regular updates on progress and decisions.


We are hopeful this new approach will increase participation (number of donors per team) as well as the total amount of money collected in support of all athletes, on all teams.


The ABO also holds fund raising and community building activities and events such as the Annual Hit-A-Thon, the Wildcat Open Golf Tourney, our Crab Feed (or Surf and Turf, depending on crab availability!), as well as the sale of Spirit Wear, Tickets, sponsorship by benefactors, and local businesses advertising. Taken together, these generous contributions permit the ABO to provide critically needed supplemental funding to the athletic department, and further strengthen the programs and reputation of Woodside High School.

Athlete of the Week

Athletes of the Week December 4th, 2017


This week’s Athlete of the Week is the Girl's Varsity Cheer team!

According to senior Jade Jones, “The team set out to get a bid to nationals at one of our competitions, and we did at our first one.” Clearly the team aimed high and successfully placed 4th, earning their spot in Nationals. Their new coach, hard working Jaymie Guillena, has played a massive role in the team's success as she stepped up and coached both teams, demonstrating her love for cheer. Without Coach Jaymie, the cheer team wouldn’t have come this far and they are very happy to have her as their coach. Additionally, one of their best performances thus far includes the Sequoia performance because both teams performed as one and clearly had a blast, as pictured above. Clearly the cheer team has risen to a whole new level and their success is unmatched, congratulations to the Girls Varsity Cheer team and good luck at Nationals!

 Athlete of the Week