Girls Basketball

Dear Parents:


Welcome to the 2021 Woodside High School Girls Basketball Team! The entire coaching staff is excited to continue our tradition of excellence in developing YOUR student athletes. It takes a lot of resources to execute a quality program for student athletes and we thank you in advance for your support. 


Did you know that this year the ABO contributed $1997 toward new uniforms and contributed $4,000 toward 2 new shooting machines at our coaches request.  


Below is a suggested family contribution that will keep the coaching staff focused on Basketball, rather than fundraising.   This suggested donation is NOT a requirement for participation.  We are hoping you will help the team and your Athletic Boosters Organization (ABO) by making the following team contribution:


Equipment / Warm Up Jerseys  $25
Uniform Maintenance  $60
Shooting Machines $50
Athletic Booster Donation $50
Strength and Conditioning Program Contribution $25
Subtotal   $210


 Please, first REGISTER (or re-activate your existing account), once registered your account will contain the Sales Form for Girls Basketball.)





The coaching staff and Athletic Department is excited to continue our tradition of excellence in developing YOUR student athletes. 

It takes significant resources to provide and sustain a high quality program. The ABO strives to work together with the coaches to ensure the Program is well supported, sustainable, and thriving.

Please give them your full support, and thank you in advance! 


For Girl’s Basketball, the ABO has paid for:


HUDL Camera and software - October 2018 - $1250

Uniforms - September 2017 - $1850

Slip mats - September 2016 - $480



The ABO works with our coaches and the Athletic Director (AD) to consider the team’s proposals, help to raise money from parents that goes directly to the team (Direct Donations), and to allocate additional funds via ABO Grants to requests made by the team and AD.

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