WHS Boys Soccer Program

Varsity Boys Soccer 2018-2019


JV Boys Soccer 2018-2019



When you support the ABO, you support all athletes and all sports and pay for uniforms and equipment for Boys Soccer.


The family donation requested by the coaches is $185

Your direct donation will keep the teams focused on Soccer, instead of fundraising for this year. Your money goes directly to the team to cover expenses not paid for by the school district.

You do not have to donate in order to play and any amount is appreciated--The most important thing is to participate by giving something!


 Please, first REGISTER  (or re-activate your existing account), once registered your account will contain the Sales Form for Boys Soccer.



This suggested donation is used to help the team with:


Tournament Fees


Uniform Maintenance

Preseason Home games

Strength and Conditioning
Athletic Booster Suggested Donation  


$  20 

$  25

$  75 







The entire coaching staff is excited to continue our tradition of excellence in developing YOUR student athletes. It takes a lot of resources to execute a quality program for student athletes and we thank you in advance for your support.  



Support the Athletic Booster Organization

Your donation to the Athletic Boosters Organization supports all athletes and sports in several ways in addition to supplying uniforms and equipment for individual sports.  


At Woodside High School, all of our athletes have access year-round to a qualified trainer who works as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. He helps the student-athletes prepare for their upcoming season, maintain their strength and flexibility during the season and recover from injuries when they happen.  With the help of your donations and corporate sponsorships, we have been able to fund this position fully at an annual cost of over $17,000.

Having JV and assistant coaches helps teams support more athletes and fosters junior athletes. Athletes get specialized attention to learns at different levels. Usually, the school helps pay for JV and assistant coaches with rent money paid by summer camps. Because of the on-campus construction during the past two summers, the school hasn’t received enough money to cover these stipends. With your help we have been able to cover the $15,000 gap and keep these sports programs thriving and developing younger athletes.

All coaches at Woodside also have video analysis software and equipment available. This tool is being used by sports as diverse as football and waterpolo. Coaches can review practices and games so they can give the best possible feedback and they know what the athletes most need to develop. We are very proud that we can provide our athletes with this state of the art software so they can have the best possible athletic experience while at Woodside. The annual cost of this software is $3500.


For Boys Soccer, the ABO paid for:


October 2018 - $2000 - player scholarships

September 2016 - $2550 - Nets, balls, first aid kit, tournament fees

October 2017 - $3000 - Uniforms




The ABO works with our coaches and the Athletic Director (AD) to consider the team’s proposals, help to raise money from parents that goes directly to the team (Direct Donations) and to allocate additional funds via ABO Grants to requests made by the team and AD.

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