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 2018-19 Athletic Boosters Welcome all Parents!  Come and join the discussion and help support Athletics at Woodside! (click here for 2018-19 meetings)  Here is your chance to volunteer with other members of our community who believe, "Sports Matter at Woodside."!!  We meet at 7 pm in the MUR Conference room every third Wednesday of the Month.  

2018 ABO Scholarship Winners!


$2000 scholarships awarded to:

Sophia Ashworth  (UC Berkeley)

Cameron Vaughan (Stanford)


$1000 scholarships awarded to 

Jennifer Buja (UC Berkeley)

Luis Espino Cervantes (UC Irvine)

Congratulations Wildcats, you make us proud!

Girls Lacrosse!

2018 WBAL Skyline Champs!

SPring 2018: almost $50k In Directed Donations

Wildcat parents and community have made Directed Donations of $49.2k (goes right to the designated sport), and since January the ABO has, in addition, funded over $15k in GRANTs


  • Baseball (batting "turtle" cage)
  • Coaching (Strength and Conditioning specialist, Mar- Jun)
  • Swimming (Lane-markers, bouys, upgrade timing SW, kickboards, and supplies)
  • Track ($5k contribution toward new vault pit)
  • Tennis (supplies)
  • Lacrosse-Girls (Practice vests, new goals)

Congrats to Girls Soccer!!
CCS Norcal Div 1


Woodside High School's athletic program relies heavily on donations provided by families, staff, and community members to support the needs of our teams. 

Over HALF of the department expense budget is met by
     (1) parent donations to sports, and
     (2) by ABO fundraising.

Our goal is to ensure appropriate funding for needs not covered by the district for every sport and to help strengthen the quality of the overall Athletic Program at Woodside.


Woodside has 28 athletic teams (Co-Ed counts as 2!) and over 450 athletes participating. Our range of support can only be as good as the strength of our membership, volunteer efforts, and effective fundraising.


If you have an account, you MUST Login to ACTIVATE it for this year!

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Please, support our athletes by VOLUNTEERING for the ABO or directly for your athlete's team. Please contact any Board Member or AD staff member for info!



Your ABO donations may be tax deductible as the Woodside Athletic Boosters Organization is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Federal Tax ID# is 27-0920851.

Once REGISTERED and ACTIVE, your family account allows your to track purchases/donations you've made over the year, print receipts (for tax time!), and is much more efficient for the ABO.





Athlete of the Week

Athletes of the week October 15th

This week we have two tennis players who share athlete of the week. They are Nina Balestieri and Rebecca Rodriguez Soto. Nina is a Senior and is a member of the tennis team. Nina has been playing tennis for 6 years and always gives her best effort during practice and game matches. During the season, she practices on weekdays with her team and on weekends with her friends and family. To balance sports and school, Nina always completes her homework on the day that it is due. Nina would love to play tennis with Serena Williams and her inspiration is her Dad. Nina likes tennis because it is fun, casual, and social. She loves playing for Woodside because the tennis team is very supportive and encouraging. After graduation, Nina wants to attend a four year college and possibly play tennis. According to her coaches, “Nina does her very best in every game and is always on time to practice.”


Rebecca is a Junior and plays doubles for the tennis team. She first began playing tennis when she was 6 years old, stopped playing at age 12, and then started playing again at Woodside. As of now, Rebecca practices two hours a day with the her Woodside team, and also takes lessons outside of school for fun. Rebecca balances academics and athletics by being “realistic” about commitment outside of sports and school. If Rebecca could play tennis against anyone in the world, she would play against Barack Obama. She enjoys playing tennis because it is fun and social. Her future plans include attending college and playing tennis as a hobby. Her coaches say, “Rebecca gives great effort and maintains focus during her play.”

 Athlete of the Week