Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors 2017-18

Michelle Bellomo


Ed Kraus


Adrian Smith


Hilary Klopp


Community Representative
Karen Peterson


Committee Chairs

Spirit Wear Sales
Mindy Moss


Coaches Liaison
Zeke Mead


Book-Keeping & Finances

Dana Hart


IT Systems
Pat Truby



Heather Irani


Community Liaison

Karen Peterson


Crab Feed

Ann Crevelt



Eric McCrystal


Golf Tournament
Richard Crevelt


Ex-Officio Directors

Alvaro Calderon – Administrative Vice Principal –
Chuck Velschow – Athletic Director –

Athlete of the Week

Athletes of the Week December 4th, 2017


This week’s Athlete of the Week is the Girl's Varsity Cheer team!

According to senior Jade Jones, “The team set out to get a bid to nationals at one of our competitions, and we did at our first one.” Clearly the team aimed high and successfully placed 4th, earning their spot in Nationals. Their new coach, hard working Jaymie Guillena, has played a massive role in the team's success as she stepped up and coached both teams, demonstrating her love for cheer. Without Coach Jaymie, the cheer team wouldn’t have come this far and they are very happy to have her as their coach. Additionally, one of their best performances thus far includes the Sequoia performance because both teams performed as one and clearly had a blast, as pictured above. Clearly the cheer team has risen to a whole new level and their success is unmatched, congratulations to the Girls Varsity Cheer team and good luck at Nationals!

 Athlete of the Week