Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors 2018-19

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Michelle Bellomo and Hilary Klopp



Adrian Smith 


Ed Kraus 


Community Representative
Karen Peterson


Committee Chairs

Spirit Wear Sales
Mindy Moss 


Coaches Liaison
Zeke Mead 


Book-Keeping & Finances

Dana Hart 


Website Communications and IT Systems 
Jacqueline Steenhuis


Sponsorship Chair

Meredith McLean


Community Liaison

Karen Peterson


Crab Feed Chair

Ann Crevelt





Golf Tournament


Ex-Officio Directors

Alvaro Calderon – Administrative Vice Principal –
Chuck Velschow – Athletic Director –

Athlete of the Week

Final Athlete of the week 2017/18


This week’s Athlete of the Week is freshman Katie Meade. Katie began the high jump event in 8th grade and took the event more seriously this year with the help of her supportive teammates. She enjoys participating on the Track and Field team because the team aspect and atmosphere is “golden” and each and every team member is supportive of one another. Additionally, Katie enjoys the fact that her event is an individual one which allows her to track her progress with the support of an entire team. In terms of her source of motivation, Coach Dobbins plays a pivotal role in pushing Katie to strive for excellence and consistency. Her father also helps since he is a former high jumper in college, he pushes Katie to work hard both on and off the track. With the support of her teammates, coaches, and parents, Katie qualified for CCS finals as a 9th grader and she hopes to make it to the state championships next year. Katie’s accomplishments for this year are impressive, congratulations Katie on being this week’s Athlete of the Week!

 Athlete of the Week