Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors 2017-18

Michelle Bellomo


Ed Kraus


Adrian Smith


Hilary Klopp


Community Representative
Karen Peterson


Committee Chairs

Spirit Wear Sales
Mindy Moss


Coaches Liaison
Zeke Mead


Book-Keeping & Finances

Dana Hart


IT Systems
Pat Truby



Heather Irani


Community Liaison

Karen Peterson


Crab Feed

Ann Crevelt



Eric McCrystal


Golf Tournament
Richard Crevelt


Ex-Officio Directors

Alvaro Calderon – Administrative Vice Principal –
Chuck Velschow – Athletic Director –

Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week March 15th, 2018

This week's Athlete of the Week is senior Katie Raynor. Katie is on the girls Varsity Lacrosse team and has been playing throughout her high school career. Raynor’s inspirations come from coaches Kevin and Stacey along with her old club coach Laura. In regards to Lacrosse Katie states, “I love being on a team, we joke around and have a really good time and I’ve met so many LAX friends.” Additionally, Katie enjoys the fast-paced games and the fact that Lacrosse results are dependable upon every player on the team in order to win. Katie plans to continue playing Lacrosse in college either for the school or on a club.


Alongside Katie is Jake Escobar! Jake is a freshman and began his lacrosse career in the first grade. He would like to continue playing lacrosse throughout high school and hopefully play at the collegiate level. Escobar’s main idol is Matt Landis, a stand out LAX player at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to games Jake enjoys listening to pre-game music to focus on the task ahead. Escobar says he enjoys playing Lacrosse because, “There’s lots of energy in games and I like to check the opponents to gain an advantage.” Congratulations to both Katie Raynor and Justin Escobar!

 Athlete of the Week