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The FIRST ABO Board Meeting for 2017-18 is Wednesday, Aug 16th
at 7pm in the MUR meeting room.

Yep, that's the first day of school!

2016-17 Scholarship Recipients

7/18/2017 6:49 pm

ABO Scholarship: 2016-17 Student Athlete Recipients


Two outstanding student athletes received $2000 scholarships from the ABO to be used toward college expenses starting in the fall. At Woodside we have amazingly accomplished and engaged students--academically, artistically, AND athletically. Our group of applicants was incredibly qualified, which made the decision process challenging, but also gratifying. What a great bunch of kids we have!


Congratulations to this year's recipients:


Nicole Greenberg

Tim Goode









Nicole Greenberg,   Tim Goode,

UC Santa Barbara   University of Colorado at Boulder


New ABO Board for 2017-18

7/18/2017 11:36 am

The ABO Board for 2017-2018 School Year is:


Michelle Bellomo, President (formerly VP)

Ed Kraus, Vice President (new board member)

Adrian Smith, Treasurer (incumbent)

Hilary Klopp, Secretary (new board member)

Karen Peterson, Community Liaison (incumbent)


Non voting key members:


Zeke Mead, Coaches/AD Liaison

Mindy Moss, Spirit Wear Program

Pat Truby, Information Systems

Dana Hart, Books/Accounting

Heather Irani, Communications


Heartfelt thanks to our outgoing board members and coordinators:

Denise Touhey (Secretary), Lucia Tedesco (IT Webmaster), Shawn Gabbard (Books)




Eric McCrystal, President from 2015-2017


Thanks for everything, Folks!




Wildcat Open 2017 Golf Tournament

3/29/2017 6:04 am



 Many thanks to all the WHS supporters who came out to Moffet Golf Links on Sunday May 7th and enjoyed a spectacular afternoon of golf.

Not all of the actual golf that was played was particularly spectacular, but we all had a great time!

Thanks in particular to Richard and Ann Crevelt who worked tirelessly to produce the event. Also thanks to the volunteers who helped things run smoothly and got us into our carts and onto the links !



Athlete of the Week

May 16, 2017

Carson Katz AOW


Carson Katz

Varsity Golf Team


Carson is a sophomore at Woodside High School this year and is on the Varsity Golf Team.  Recently, he earned a spot and qualified for the CCS Tournament. He has been playing golf for ten years and began his career in Palm Springs and on the Stanford course. 


His motivation to play golf is food and sleep.  Carson plans on continuing to play throughout high school and eventually at Cañada College or somewhere far away (maybe Mexico).

Just kidding, mom and dad, his long term goal is to go to college. 


His other hobbies include surfing, sailing, hunting, eating, sleeping, and playing in a competitive adult kickball league. 


If given a choice for his favorite meal it would be to eat ten packages of Ramen Cup O’Noodles.

Love that salt.


Congratulations Carson!

 Athlete of the Week