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The ABO follows a Sports Program/Team "Directed Donation" approach to requesting funds from parents/guardians. The coaches collaborate with the ABO and Athletic Director to create a "Team Ask" for that sport which is presented at the Parents Meeting at the start of the current season. In 2016 we shifted away from the old "membership" model. The new approach has vastly improved donation participation levels and total funding to sports teams, and to the ABO, in general. Parents now know exactly what their donation is being used for and direct where it goes.  


We anticipate continued strong response and our goal is to maintain and increase fundraising participation (number of parents donating) this year.  


In 2018-19 the ABO facilitated over $200k of funding to Woodside HS athletics programs! This included 153k in team-directed donations and over 60k in ABO Grants to Athletic Teams. Please see the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Report for details.

For a detailed overview on how the ABO funds athletics at Woodside please Click Here!

Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Report Click Here


Winter-Early Spring 2019 Report

(Published in the May 2019 Communicat) Click Here

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Fall Summary

(Published in the Dec 2018 Communicat) Click here

Spring 2018 Report
(Published in the May 2018 Communicat) Click here

Winter 2018 Report

(Published in the February 2018 Communicat) Click here

Late-Fall 2017 Report
(Published in the December 2017 Communicat) Click here

Fall 2017 Report

(Published in the September 2017 Communicat) Click here

Spring 2017 Report

(Published in the April 2017 Communicat) Click here

Winter 2017 Report

(Published in the February 2017 Communicat) Click here

Fall 2016 Report

(Published in the December 2016 Communicat) Click here






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