ABO Funding Process

The ABO provides a major portion of annual funding to the Athletic Department--Funding that is NOT PROVIDED by the district. In 2017-18 the ABO provided over $225k to our sports teams!

The ABO helps to funds athletics FOR ALL athletes who want to participate by two main methods:

1) Program-Directed Donations which are given to the sport by parents/guardians in response to a Coaches Request. These funds are used to help pay for seasonal needs such as uniforms, balls/nets/equipment, tournament fees, consumables/supplies, practice t-shirts, etc. At the Parents Meeting at the start of the season, the "Team-Ask" is presented and discussed. As part of that season's Ask a sport may also request funding to help pay for a large capital item or improvement to benefit the program. All Directed Donations are passed straight through to the Athletic Department, for the benefit of that sport. These are Tax deductible because the Directed Donations are made to the specified Sports program and are for the benefit of all athletes playing on that sport team or in that overall Program. No goods, services, or benefits are given directly to the donor in connection to their donation.

2) ABO Fundraisers and Unrestricted Donations are the source of money for ABO GRANTS. These are a completely separate form of funding from the Program-Directed Donations, and may be conferred to a sport, or to the Athletic Department for broader benefit. The ABO works with our Athletic Director to understand the overall department goals and funding limitations, and then with the coaches to vet and carefully consider team’s proposals, and to allocate these Unrestricted Funds to approved requests.

Teams often receive some or all of their GRANT allocations a quarter ahead of the start of the sport's season (so, for fall sports, the prior May). This underwriting by the ABO is critical, permitting the sport to initiate the purchase process for long lead-time items, and to provide continuity in the programs' development.  These GRANTs are often conferred well before Program-Directed Donations can be requested from players’ families, since the season hasn't yet begun. Sometimes a portion of the Grant may be repaid to the ABO.

Throughout the year, new proposals are heard, and existing ones revised as needed.

Starting in 2016 and going now into its third year, the ABO has worked collaboratively with the Athletic Director and coaches to better understand and budget for the ongoing funding required to maintain and build programs for the various sports. In particular, many sports require a lot of training and operating equipment, or require safety gear that must be inspected and certified annual. Working together, we strive to understand and budget for the requirements, thereby solidifying and ensuring sustainable athletic programs at Woodside High.


For more detailed information on our funding process please see our ABO Funding Guidelines



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Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the week November 5th


David Silk

The Athlete of the Week is sophomore David Silk. David is a wide receiver and cornerback on the football team. David has been playing football for three years and feels he is “experienced.” The football team practices everyday, but David takes it upon himself to practice during his own time as well. He balances academics and athletics by practicing good time management. If he could play against anyone, it would be against Jalen Ramsey. David’s inspiration is Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Football has become David’s passion, and he says that for students to strive to be their best, “they should keep working hard on and off the field.” David enjoys playing on the WHS Football team because of the supportive atmosphere and team culture. After high school, David would like to attend a Division I school, play football, and major in business. David’s coach would describe him as “hard working and coachable.”

 Athlete of the Week