ABO Funding Processes

The ABO provides a major portion of the Athletic Department's annual funding--Funding that is NOT PROVIDED by the district. Last year the ABO raised and/or facilitated the donation of over $200k which was transferred to our sports teams! 

One of the ABO's primary goals is to build strong, sustained, well supported programs that ensure ALL athletes who want to participate can do so. We do this by two main methods:

1) Program-Directed Donations made to the sport by parents/guardians in response to the coaches request. Typically these funds are used to help pay for seasonal expenses such as uniforms, balls/nets/equipment, tournament fees, consumables/supplies, practice shirts/gear, etc. At the Parents Meeting at the start of the season, the "Team-Ask" is presented and discussed. As part of that season's Ask a sport may also request funding to help pay for a large capital item or improvement to benefit the program. Directed Donations are the "property" of the team or program specified and passed straight through to the Athletic Department by the ABO, for the benefit of that sport. These donations are tax deductible because they are made to the specified Sports program as a whole for the benefit of all athletes playing on that sport team or in that program. No goods, services, or benefits are received by the donor in connection with a donation.

2) ABO Fundraisers and Unrestricted Donations made to the ABO itself are the source of money for ABO GRANTS. These are a completely separate form of funding from the Program-Directed Donations, and may be conferred to a sport, or to the Athletic Department for broader benefit. These are also tax deductible. The ABO works with our Athletic Director to understand the overall department goals and funding limitations, and then with the coaches to vet and carefully consider team’s proposals, and to allocate these Unrestricted Funds to approved requests. Among many benefits, these Grants can help to provide continuity in the programs' overall development.

Teams often receive some or all of their GRANT allocations a quarter ahead of the start of the sport's season (so, for fall sports, the prior May). This underwriting by the ABO is key, as it permits the sport to initiate purchase processes for long lead-time items so the items are available when the season begins.  GRANTs are often made months before Program-Directed Donations for the upcoming season can be requested from players’ families. Sometimes a portion of the Grant may be repaid to the ABO.

Throughout the year, new proposals are heard, and existing ones revised as needed.


3) Family and Friends network appeals. Some sports/programs may choose to conduct their own fundraising campaigns and events independently from the ABO. Examples are the Car Show put on by the softball team, and more recently Fund-a-need campaigns using online crowdfunding (e-Team Sponsorship is the platform in current use). The ABO strives to coordinate with the teams so messaging is clear to our parents and donors regarding funding goals and objectives for the programs and to provide transparency and feedback on how the funds are used.

Starting in 2016 the ABO has worked collaboratively with the Athletic Director and coaches to better understand and help budget for the funding required to maintain and build healthy programs for the various sports, for all student athletes. Many sports require a lot of training, practice, and playing equipment, including safety gear that must be inspected and certified annually. Working together, we strive to understand and budget for the requirements, thereby solidifying and ensuring sustainable athletic programs at Woodside High.


For more detailed information on our funding process please see our ABO Funding Guidelines